Seido Karate

Seido Karate is a full contact system developed by Kaicho Tadashi Nakamura in 1976 after leaving the Kyokushin Kai Organisation because he believed that karate must be suited to everyone and that everyone should be able to develop according to their capabilities. Seido Karate is based on three principles: respect, love and discipline. And so was formed “the honest way” – Seido.

The word karate is derived from two words: kara – empty, te – hand, meaning “empty hand”. Originally karate used the power of the body to fight. This form of martial arts gave Buddist Monks a way to defend themselves against attackers using punches and kicks. With time they developed techniques using agricultural tools to fight armed opponents. In the modern world the “empty hand” has a new meaning – void of bad intentions and violence. This form of martial arts is an educational tool intended to reduce violence in society.

The goal of Seido Karate is to increase the students’ physical, mental and spiritual strength. We are not interested if you are better or worse than others, the only goal is that at the end of each training session, you leave the mat a better version of yourself physically and mentally than when you came in. We provide the program, the supervision, and the environment that will help you reach your full potential for growth and achievement. It is suitable for all ages, genders, and levels.

Shuseki Shihan Eli Bitran

Manager and head trainer, the CEO of Seido Karate in Israel. Dan-7 in Seido Karate, Dan-5 in Ikido, certified high ranking trainer in Israel, and certified sport therapist. He has a background in international competitions in full contact and point system karate. Eli is an active participant in international Seido Karate and Ikido events. He has over 35 years of teaching experience in Reanana. He was in charge of Krav Maga and Counter Terrorism for many years in the Marines special unit.

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