Will women get big and bulky from weight lifting?

NO! Weight lifting will not make women big and bulky.

This is the biggest myth in all of female training and one we hear again and again!!

Many women are afraid to lift weights because they believe they will get “big”, and “bulky” and “too muscly”.

Women don't have the same hormone profile as men regarding levels of testosterone, and therefore do NOT build muscle the same way that men do. Often when women hear the words "strength training" the image of female body builders come to mind. These women eat, train, and take supplements in order to look like that and it takes years and years of hard work to reach that goal. While it is true that some women are capable of gaining muscle mass more quickly than others, gaining muscle mass is a long process and requires hard work, and therefore doesn't tend to happen accidentally.

Don't mistake body fat for bulk!

In many cases, women start strength training and begin to feel their muscles more, but they are not taking nutrition into account. This results in the same amount of body fat plus gained muscle, which may leave you feeling bulky!
Body fat takes up more space than muscle does, so if you lose 3kg of body fat and gain 3kg of muscle, you'll weigh the same but you'll be smaller!

Training the right way will strengthen your muscles and bring you the results you dream of!

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