Did you know that weight lifting is actually good for your joints?

Weight lifting can be hugely beneficial for your joints when done correctly!

Many people believe that putting large stress forces on the joints will result in joint pain and damage. There are a number of factors whereby strength training can lead to problems with the joints; bad lifting technique, a very rapid increase in muscle strength which can be caused by certain supplements, past/present injuries, lack of proper nutrition, and lack of proper rest/recovery time.

However, with all this in mind, if you train correctly you will find that you are strengthening your joints, rather than damaging them!

Muscles are the most important protectors of joints! Strong muscles SUPPORT your joints! If you don't have enough muscle your joints bear a lot of stress, especially the spine, hips, and knees which support the entire weight of your body. Weight training builds muscle, while strengthening the muscles and ligaments around the joints, therefore sharing the load with the joints.

Weight lifting is even recommended for people who have arthritic joints! Weightlifting has been associated with improved strength, flexibility, and balance among patients with arthritis, and as the joint becomes stronger, the pain of arthritis often subsides.

Weight lifting is also highly recommended for people with osteoporosis as well as in prevention of the condition. Lifting weights strengthens the bones and improves bone health, and prevents a decrease in bone density.

So, if done correctly, weight lifting has numerous advantages!
Keep lifting in order to keep your joints strong and healthy!

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