6 Pre-Wedding Exercise tips

What does a typical healthy eating day look like for brides and bridesmaids?

Brides and bridesmaids, we want to avoid piling on the extra calories before the wedding day, so the first thing to stay away from is sugar and artificial flavourings. This means cut down on store bought snacks; chocolate, biscuits, crisps etc. There are plenty of healthy and delicious snacks you can make at home that we guarantee will satisfy your sugar and salt cravings. We make plenty of chocolate and crisps substitutes that are truly delicious!

How long before the wedding day should brides and bridesmaids start training?

At least 3 months before, to give your body time to adjust and adapt to the effects of training, with enough time that so you can get results. Don’t leave it to the last minute. Give yourself more time to get better results!

What are the main benefits brides get from training before their wedding?

Let’s be honest, most brides want to fit comfortably into their dress, whether that means losing some weight or preventing weight gain. Training will help you lose that bit of extra weight, or maintain your current body weight, as well as help you to get into shape so you can dance the night away without worrying about injuries or pain during or after the wedding. We know how stressful and tiring wedding planning can be, we’ve been there. Exercise is an amazing way to let out all your stress, leaving you feeling happier, healthier, and more energetic, making the wedding period a far more enjoyable time!

What are the best exercises to do
if you want to look your best on the big day?

We are often asked, what is the best exercise to do? There is no best exercise, the type of training you do will depend mainly on your goals for the big day. There are different types of exercise; strength training, HIIT, aerobic conditioning etc. So how do you know which type of exercise you should do and how much? Consult with a personal trainer, and he/she will provide you with a suitable program for your goals, taking into account your current fitness levels, and your health history. Brides often need to have a trainer to push them, keep them accountable, motivated, focused, and tailor their program to get the right and best results.

How do brides stay motivated to not put more weight on after the wedding or let things go back to how they were?

Just as you’re starting a new life with your new husband, approach the pre-wedding training as the beginning of a lifetime of exercise and improved health. This is your chance to make exercise a part of your life, something that becomes part of your daily routine that you can’t live without. As you begin to enjoy all the benefits of exercise, you won’t want to stop!

What's your best advice to brides looking to use their wedding as extra motivation to improve their health and wellness?

How often have you set a goal and just put it off? Here you have a clear deadline – your wedding day. No more ‘I’ll start tomorrow, next week, after the holidays’. This is YOUR day, YOU will be in the spotlight! It will be an incredible day for you, but now you have a chance to make sure you look and feel even more beautiful, even more radiant, and happy and healthy! Use this time and start your new life being the best and healthiest you that you can possibly be. New life, new you!

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